Club Constitution and ByLaws

Constitution and Bylaws - Wireless Association of South Hills, Inc.

Accepted and Approved on December 10, 1998

Name and Address

A. The organization shall be known as the Wireless Association of South Hills (W.A.S.H.). A non-profit corporation registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by means of the filing of Articles of Incorporation with the Corporation Bureau in Harrisburg . Pennsylvania .

B. The purpose of the club shall be to foster and support the advancement of the hobby of Amateur Radio.

C. The corporate address shall be 133 Sleepy Hollow Road , Pittsburgh . PA 15216-1727. The club shall also maintain a USPS Post Office Box accessible to two of the club officers.

D. Meeting time and place will be determined by the membership as needed. This will generally be the second Thursday of the month at 1900 hours local time.

E. The Wireless Association of South Hills does not knowingly discriminate against any person or persons on the basis of race, color, religion, or any other reason.

II. Membership and Voting Privileges

A. Membership of the Club is made up of two classes of members: Members in Good Standing (Also known as General Members) and Associate Members.

1. A Member in Good Standing: A member with dues paid in full for the current year. Also referred to as a General Member, a member in good standing has full voting and officiating privileges.

2. An Associate Member pays half the dues of a General Membership. An Associate member has no voting or officiating privileges. An Associate Member also may not hold office, or make claim upon club property or equipment.

13. Termination of Membership

I. A member may be removed from the club for cause, subject to the following:

a. Allegations justifying removal must be brought against the accused in the open forum of a regular club meeting, with the reason stated for removal.

b. The Vice-President/Secretary will make a first-class mail notification to all members of the charges brought against the accused; The notice will state that an open hearing will be held at the next regular club meeting, and must be postmarked no later than two weeks before the meeting date.

c. The accused will be notified by Certified Mail, with a return receipt of the charges made regardless of his/or her presence at the time and place where the charges were made. This notification will be postmarked no later than two weeks before that meeting.

d. At the next regular club meeting after the charges arc made, an open hearing will be held to determine the validity of the charges. At the conclusion of this hearing, a vote will be cast by all members in good standing present; The vote will be by secret ballot. A 2/3 majority shall be required for expulsion of the accused member.

Ill. Club Officers

A. At the regular October club meeting, the President shall make an open call for nominations for office for the upcoming term. Any member in good standing may be nominated for office. The officers of the WASH shall consist of:

1. President: Preside over all club meetings and hearings. Appoint coordinators, committees and interim officers with the concurrence of the remaining officers. The President will be responsible for assurance that the WASH organization's rules are adhered to.

2. Vice-President/Treasurer: Shall collect dues and revenues from club activities and pay related club bills. The Vice-President/Treasurer will maintain books of account that will be subject to an annual audit at the December meeting. In the President's absence, the Vice-President/Treasurer performs the duties of the President.

3. Vice-President/Secretary: Will keep minutes of the club meetings, maintain the membership roster, manage club correspondence and assist in the publication of the club newsletter. He/she also will maintain the current club by-laws. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President/Treasurer, the Vice-President/Secretary will perform the duties of the President.

B. The Officers of the club will be elected at the regular November club meeting.

1. The election of officers will be by secret ballot,

2. The term of office shall be as follows:

a. President: 1-Year.

b. Vice-President/Treasurer: Two years, elected in odd-numbered years.

c. Vice-President/Secretary: Two years, elected in even-numbered years.

IV. Meetings

A. Officer Meetings

1. Officer meetings may be requested by any elected officer.

2. A quorum for an officer meeting shall be a majority of the officers.

3. A report of the officer meeting shall be made at the next club meeting, as an addendum to the minutes of the previous club meeting.

B. Club Meetings

1. Meetings will be conducted using Robert's Rules of Order.

2. A moment of Silence will be observed for silent keys and other deserving persons.

3. Business transactions require a quorum of 20% of the General Membership.

4. In the absence of a quorum, all transactions are tabled until a subsequent meeting where the General membership present will establish a quorum for the transactions.

V. Dues

A. The dues amount will be proposed and approved at the club meeting in October.

B. The dues structure will be included as part of the annual renewal application.

C. Dues are payable on January 1 st of every year. A grace period of 30 days will be provided.

D. First time members will pay prorated dues based upon the quarter in which they apply for membership.

VI. Club Equipment

A. The Logistics Coordinator, appointed by the President shall keep an inventory of all club equipment, supplies, and materials.

B. The elected officers will review the equipment list annually at the January meeting.

C. Elected officers shall approve the use of club equipment and supplies.

VII. Dissolution and Distribution

A. In the event the club corporation is dissolved and the club disbanded, after all bills have been paid the remaining assets of the club shall be distributed- to a similarly organized tax-exempt organization that has a purpose and objectives similar to this club. That group or groups will be determined at the time of dissolution.

B. Dissolution shall be made only upon a ¾ majority vote of the members present at that meeting. A First-Class Mail notification to all members will be made stating that a motion for dissolution is to be made at the next club meeting. Such notification must be postmarked no later than two weeks before any such meeting is to take place.

Viii. Amendments

A. These bylaws may be amended by submitting the proposed amendments in writing to the Vice-President/Secretary at a regular club meeting.

B. The proposed amendment must be read into the minutes of that meeting, and remain an open issue until the next regular club meeting.

C. The officers may take the proposed changes into consideration at an officers meeting prior to the next regular club meeting.

D. At the next regular club meeting, the proposed amendment, as well as any recommendations by the club officers will be re-read into the minutes, and action taken on the amendment(s) by means of a vote.

E. Any proposed amendment must receive a 3~ majority vote of the Members in Good Standing present to be passed.

F. Any amendments to the Constitution and by-laws will be made by the Vice-President/Secretary and copies of the updated document placed in the club archive, as well as distributed to the membership at the next regular club meeting.

Approved by the membership on December 10, 1998.





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