WASH Technical Corner 

Disclaimer: Here are some helpful items submitted by WASH members and fellow Amateur Radio operators. These are not endorsements or advertisements but are submitted based on first-hand experiences and/or research conducted on the topic. Enjoy!


Articles Submitted by WB4GCS & N3FB - Click below for download of .PDF

PureSignal pre-distortion algorithm to clean up transmitters using SDR techniques.
"Digital Predistortion Linearizing our Amplifiers"- By Dr. Warren C. Pratt, NR0V
This article was released by the Author for posting.

 Click HERE for Article         NR0V%20Article


BandPass Filters - WB4GCS

·         Testing N3SH BandPass Filters

·         Repairing BandPass Filters

·         Repairing BandPass Filters continued

·         Repairing BandPass Filters Final

Tube Type Equipment

·         Rich Sperling, who often runs the Collins net, can fix or restore anything with tubes--quickly and at reasonable price. Don Merz - N3RHT

Kenwood Service

·         Scott Malcom at Malcom Technical Services, repairs Kenwood’s -- and troubleshoots down to the component level. Jim Sanford - WB4GCS

Circuit Board Repair 

         A series of Circuit Board Repair videos from PACE - old fashioned but very informative.
          First in series http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKX-GBe_lUI

            Then others appear as option on right side of screen.   - Larry Comden-K3VX


While getting my car back on the road I found the following web site for car literature and manuals. My car is 21 years young and the repair shop had no manuals, I ordered the manuals and they were able to get her running again.   http://www.faxonautoliterature.com/Default.aspx  - Fred - KB3DCO

DIY Tips:

PL-259 Soldering Techniques

·         Here is a very good You Tube video on PL-259 soldering techniques.
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jlPcBVg45E
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agkP9YMR3Kc
Too cool for way too many reasons!!! Jim Sanford - WB4GCS



Ham Radio and the Internet
See Parts 2 and 3 also
Larry K3VX

KE7FD has published a fine article on eHam.net entitled
       "The [Wire] Antenna Builders Survival Guide"

Article by Ben Lowe, K4QF/K4VOW - submitted by WB4GCS with permission from author.


Articles referenced by Jim - WB4GCS at the 08-01-2019 Club Meeting

- Sanford Bibliography on Chokes and Balunshe is WW-

- Choosing a Feedline Choke

Ferrite Mix Selection

Ham Radio RFI Solutions Cheat Sheet

Mast PreAmp drawing for discussion on 2/8/2021 by Jim - WB4GCS

- Mast PreAmp Drawing

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