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WASH Net Preamble



1. Don't forget to ID once in a while to let those listening in know who we are! Every few minutes and/or every round of check-ins is a good idea (and more than legally required)


2. You may use either of the club calls (N3SH is shown, or WA3SH) or your own.


3. WASH Club Breakfast is on the LAST Saturday of the month, the location varies. You may mention the VE Tests & Club Breakfasts at your discretion.


Wireless Association of South Hills Weekly Net Script (v01.04.2015)


(Read text in “quotes". Comments to you as Net Control are in (italics-parenthesis)


"This is N3SH.  Is there any EMERGENCY traffic at this time?"


(Break to allow emergency traffic)


"Calling all amateurs, calling all amateurs. Good evening, this is N3SH, with [your callsign] operating Net Control this evening for the Wireless Association of South Hills Sunday Evening Weekly FM Net.  We meet here on Sunday evening at 21:00 local time on the 146.955 and 443.650 repeater systems. This is a directed net and all calls made to the net will first go through the net control station. "


"The purpose of this net is to provide on air training in emergency communications, coordination of ARES activities, and for the exchange of information of interest to the club and the amateur radio community.  All amateurs are invited to check in; you do not need to be a member of our club to participate."


(Break to allow the repeater to reset)


"On the third Sunday evening of the month this net will be replaced by our Digital net. Everyone is invited to participate or monitor transmissions. You do not need to be a member of the club to participate."


"Our next club meeting will be held on Thursday, ________, 7 PM in the Conference Room at the St. Clair Hospital Outpatient Center, 2000 Oxford Road, Bethel Park, adjacent to Village Square, across Ft. Couch Road from South Hills Village Mall. The room is available starting at 6:30 PM, the meeting will start at 7 PM . Talk-in will be on these repeaters, and all amateurs are invited to attend, whether or not you are a member of the club."


(Break to allow the repeater to reset)


"I will ask for any NET ANNOUNCEMENTS... Net Announcements, please call N3SH now."


(Allow the identifying station(s) to make their announcements.)

(Roll Call: Take check-ins in the following order:)


"We'll now begin this evenings roll call."


“Any short time, mobile, portable, or out of town visiting stations please call N3SH now”


(Manage short time, mobile, portable, or out of town visiting stations accordingly)


"This net uses Alphabetical Roll Call. For example, if you call is W1AW, you would respond to the first group with letters A through D. Tonight's question will be posed AFTER roll call."


"We will now proceed with Alphabetical Roll Call:"


“A-D Alpha through Delta”

“E-H Echo through Hotel”

“I-L India through Lima”

“M-P Mike through Papa”

“Q-T Quebec through Tango”

“U-Z Uniform through Zulu”


“All the way through the alphabet, any late stations, any order”


"I will now ask this evening's question for everyone checking in tonight."


(Pose a question for all check-ins to respond to. At this point go back through the roll taking responses to this evening's question.)


"Are there any other comments, late announcements or additional check-ins for the net?"


(To close the net:)


"Hearing no further comments or check-ins, I will now close the net.”


"We had (x) check-ins this evening and the net lasted approximately (y) minutes). We would like thank everyone for their participation tonight and to Frank, N3FB for linking his repeater system to ours allowing expanded coverage for our weekly net and for our everyday communications.  For the Wireless Association of South Hills this is N3SH saying 73 and returning the repeaters back to general amateur use. Any stations wishing to use the repeaters now are invited to use them freely. The net is closed. Good evening.”