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WASH Digital Net Preamble

Please note:  Your involvement in the digital net implies a higher level of participation over that of other FM nets.  With that principle in mind, everyone participating in the Digital Net is expected to take the reins of Net Control and should be eager to volunteer on the third Sunday.   We never know when an emergency situation will occur thrusting any one of us into a leadership role.  This is why the Net Control for the Digital Net is not assigned.  The Digital Net however is still a learning “sandbox” for everyone to hone their skills and familiarity with the technology.  Mistakes will be made and are expected.   If the N3FB repeater is not yet linked to the N3SH repeater, do so now by going to the N3FB repeater, ID'ing then pressing 9 5 on the keypad.  You should then hear the announcement of the link being made to the N3SH repeater.

Wireless Association of South Hills Monthly Digital Net instructions (v01.04.2015)


(Read text in “quotes". Comments to you as Net Control are in (italics-parenthesis)


(Use FM voice to get things started.)


"This is N3SH.  Is there any EMERGENCY traffic at this time?"


(Break to allow emergency traffic)


"Calling all amateurs, calling all amateurs. Good evening, this is N3SH, with [your callsign] operating Net Control this evening for the Wireless Association of South Hills Sunday Evening Monthly Digital Net.  We meet here every third Sunday evening at 21:00 local time on the 146.955 and 443.650 repeater systems. This is a directed net and all calls made to the net will first go through the net control station. "


"The purpose of this digital net is to provide on air training in emergency communications, coordination of ARES activities, and for the exchange of information of interest to the club and the amateur radio community.  All amateurs are invited to check in; you do not need to be a member of our club to participate."


(Break to allow the repeater to reset)


“Information relating to the Wireless Association of South Hills radio club can be found at”


"As per the format for the Digital Net, there will be no voice roll call this evening, but only NET ANNOUNCEMENTS, if any.. Net Announcements, please call N3SH now."


(Allow the identifying station(s) to make their announcements.)


"Hearing no further comments or check-ins, I will now close the voice net and will transition to the Digital net.  The Digital net uses the FLDIGI software.  Anyone running this software is invited to participate or monitor transmissions. You do not need to be a member of WASH to join in.  Who on frequency is planning on participating on the digital net tonight?”


(At this point the control operator should record the stations who intend to participate then begin digital communications.)